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Elaboramos tus productos

Industrial Cooking

We produce your food products on industrial quantities, cooking, heating and mixing

Pulverizado de alimentos en partículas finas


We reduce the size of solid or liquid particles in suspension through the use of machinery

Mezclado industrial de alimentos liquidos y viscosos

Industrial blending

We're especialists on industrial blending of food products.

Homogeneizado de productos


We have the most advanced technology in food homogenization

Molido industrial

Industrial grinding

Industrial grinding is a mechanical process used to crush solid materials into smaller particles

Pasteurización de productos alimenticios


Free your products of all germs and bacterias by pasteurizing them


We use advanced techniques to eliminate impurities and improve the quality of your products

Tamizado de alimentos en polvo

Sifting and sieving

We separate particles of different sizes to achieve an especific size for your product

Co - manufacture your products in Mexico

Cost reduction

Eliminate waste, avoid fixed and hidden costs. Reducing production costs is a must for maximizing profit

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Production efficiency

We deliver the pieces you quoted and pay. Maximizing the efficiency of your production

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Improve the quality of yout products

Our system of continuous improvement in our quality systems will allow you to certify your products and reduce costs

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Just on time

Our just-in-time system aims to deliver the finished product just when it is needed

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Maquila tu proyecto

We adapt to your necesities and offer certified services so your products can reach the most important supermarkets in the world.

Co - manufacture

Co - packing

Co - packing

We look for the packaging that best suits your product and market, so we continually develop new packaging.We specialized on:

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32 years of experience

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Committed to your products

We are committed to you, your company and your products. We seek to deliver your products elaborated and monitored under the highest quality standards to satisfy all the needs of your customers.